Hi all. Had anyone been to Dental4you in Chiangmai? It might be my first port of call! Also, Morying Clinic? Thank you.

I had a very good experience getting a crown at CDJ Dental Clinic in the Nimman area on Soi Sukkasem.  They have a FaceBook page.  Have a look.

In Chiang Mai I went to Grace Dental for extensive work. They are in the Nieman Hieman area. From my understanding they are expensive, relative to Chiang Mai. But many Farangs go there because of the quality of service. In the winter or peak season it takes as much as a month to schedule an appointment. Irrespective of anything I have been very happy with their service. I had a quote for service in the Phoenix area. Grace provided the same service for 10% of the Phoenix price. Later I had a dental exam and was told that it was as good as any professional service in the Phoenix area. (America has out priced it's own service's.)

That's been my experience.

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