Mauritius Salary Query

Hi. I am in the process of applying for a college lecturer job in Mauritius. My employer has asked me what salary I would be willing to accept. I am unsure how to reply. I am aware that the cost of living in Mauritius is lower than the UK. I am unsure what the average salary is for this role in Mauritius. I am also uncertain what benefits employers offer, i.e. health insurance, accommodation, school fees, etc. If there is anyone who is currently working in this sector and can offer any advice, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

This thread may give you an idea;

However : it is dated 2015 and subsequent cost of living needs to be factored in.
FYI: As an expat , your salary for an occupation permit  has to be ≥ Rs 45,000 K

Hi. Thanks for the info. The list was helpful.

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