Do I have to pay taxes in Brazil if I am a brazilian resident of US ?

Hello everyone, here goes my situation

I got married in US  2014, got conditional residence in 2015.
Spent 1 month in august 2015 visiting Brazil with my american husband.

I am in the process of getting permanent resident card and citizenship soon.
Unfortunately, my dad passed of cancer in june 2017.
He used to put me on his brazilian tax returns as his dependent until 2016 (he would sometimes send me money)

I heritage a house that will have my name on it, my brothers, my mother, and my american husband name on it also. ( a brazilian house with 5 names on it, yes, lol)
Brazilian lawyers required a CPF* for my husband. So his name can be in the house.

I just right now found out, that Brazil requires a type of declaration for people who are no longer residing there, which makes you not have to pay taxes in Brasil, but also you get all your brazilian bank accounts canceled since they consider you a non resident.

The problem is, I have a brazilian bank account with 20 thousand reais which is like 7 thousand dollars, and will be receiving 200 thousand reais which is like 50 thousand dollars on it.

1-Will I have to start paying brazilian taxes?
2-Will I have to pay Brazil for income earned in US? (I make less than 20 thousand , me and my husband's joint income is normally 29 thousand or so)
3-Will my husband have to pay brazilian taxes cause he has a house in his name and a brazilian CPF?

How can we not pay taxes in Brazil, by transferring the money over to american accounts maybe, or keeping under my mother's name?

Thank you! I am confused lol


I think you will probably have to file a return. I think you should consult a Brazilian Tax Accountant to assist you.


Hi Anabanana 123321,

Here´s your solution:

1. Have an international credit card linked to your bank account in Brazil. Don´t withdraw in dollars in the US because there are extracharges like international transaction fees, ATM fees etc. Brazil also has reinstated the "movimentação da
taxa financeira." So any payments going out of the country - you will have to pay fees
to the government. Converting all the money in dollars require commissions you have to pay and to carry them out of the country: limit of $10,000 per person. Wiring your Brazilian funds to a US account will also receive the same fate.

2. Establish an account with Coinbase, Gemini or any exchange that accept credit cards and buy Bitcoin with your international credit card. From there you can convert Bitcoin to dollars to be deposited to your US account or leave it as an investment since Bitcoin has been appreciating rapidly in value. But you have to remove them on-line and put them in "cold storage" on Nano S Ledger or KeepKey etc. If you are not financially savvy, you can ask someone to help you or you can read on it. The information will overwhelm you and you need at least a month to inform yourself. Maybe better to deposit your dollars to a US account.

3. I thought the government abolished the rule of informing them if you´re not residing
in Brazil to be exempted from taxes. I was notified on-line a few years back when I tried to file exemption as a permanent resident since I was in the US at the time. If you´re a natural born citizen there´s almost nothing they can do to you like closing your bank account etc. People evade their taxes everytime in Brazil. They cannot also cancel your CPF especially if you connect that to a registered car in Brazil.

4. Taxes on the house: As long as someone pays the IPTU or IPTR if it's rural, you´re ok
including your husband. Your mom can or brothers can pay the taxes. Your husband will not pay Brazilian income tax since he is not a resident of Brazil. The CPF was issued to him for the sole purpose
of paperwork identification on the real estate as co-owner.

5. Technically since US and Brazil don´t have a tax agreement, you should also pay taxes in Brazil. Unless of course you denounce your Brazilian citizenship in front of a Brazilian
immigration officer. But you seriously worry about that amid all the tax evasions in Brazil? Maybe you should keep a low profile... Good luck!


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