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I am from nepal and working here since 9 yrs in milano. i wish to leave my job because of my,i am get reday to my own business.but i couldn't get more idea proper touristics place in italy for doing good business over whole months. That's mean, i am going there new launch my business.anybody could give me good advice? let me know please,the percentage of people where the mostly inflow and outflow in the special tourists zone?

Hello, You have not said what type of business you intend to operate. If you are in the restaurant trade than you will need a large cultural center to have all year round trade. If you intend offering Asian dishes a very large multi cultural center like Rome is best as we have found the locals do not like spicy dishes like curry or chutney.
Hospitality trade look at Tuscany and Umbria, around the lakes or coastal regions where the highest concentration of tourists go .
If it is technology like website design, advertising, promotions anywhere is good as your services can be done online.
Perhaps you would say what you want to do and if you have finances to set up?
M Hunt

Yes,firtly my intend to the hospitality.i got here some difficult either trade or service beusiness for the operate,if i select the seaside business,it will get me snowing till 3 months.that is depend upon flow of it is affected by the different climate.overall business is going on properly internet marketing in this time.thanks a lot you for the special spot of italy.

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