Primary schooling for Kids in Palma Mozambique

Hi, we are moving to Palma, Mozambique at the end of the year can anyone send me information or offer any advice on schooling options (primary or preprimary) in the Palma location of Mozambique? Thanks...

Hi Faye,
There is a primary school in Palma but Im almost sure this will not satisfy your expectations. Since a few months ago there is a small preprimary school run by a christian kenyan NGO called Sharing Hope Palma. This can be a temporary solution for your kids but you kid will need extra assistance if you want him/her to learn. Myself Im trying to find and bring to Palma a good teacher from Tanzania -english speaking- to teach my son -4 and a half years old- here in Palma. You are welcome for any extra info you may need. Best, ben

Hi Ben,  thank you for your response.  It's good to know there is something set up there for my kids to at least gain a social experience but as you say, they also need to learn academically and a certain standard of formality is required.  I have no idea what to expect as the info available on-line is limited.  How long have you been there for?  Do you live there permanently?  I'd like to know how you progress with your private teacher, this is an excellent idea and possibly other parents in the area might also be interested in a private tutor - I know I would, although we are not set to move for a while.  Thanks again for taking the time to respond.  Cheers, Faye

Back again Faye,
Ive been in Palma for 3 and a half years now. Im running my own restaurant and managing the hotel as well. Maybe you could consider as for your accommodation as we are as well renting houses in long term contracts. Life is not easy in Palma, small town where there is practically NOTHING, except beautiful beaches and all our expectations on the Oil & Gas industry to start soon and to bring some development to the area. If you are finally coming be ready to create your own private environment and logistic solutions. There is a very small expatriate community quite integrated, most of it mostly around our hotel as a social lighthouse. Happy to help and assist you on your doubts and info requirements. Best, ben

Did you find out any information as I am also looking at schools in Tete for my 8 year old son. Also looking to move at the end of 2017.

Did you find out any information on schooling. I am looking at moving to Tete, but need to find a school for my 8 year old son.

Sorry but I have not any available info regarding Tete. Palma is the last district of Mozambique by the north, only 45 kms from Tanzania, and this is basically the only city in the country from which I have reliable information. All the bes, ben

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