Recently on a visit to a store which I won't name we wanted to buy many items. On seeing what was on discount offer we chose from the items on display, only to get sorry not in stock. This happened on about 6 items we wanted to buy.Why dont they at least put a notice on the items saying out of stock instead of wasting our time. Also why when you choose an item they always try to get you to buy a different or more costly item. I do understand that many people need work in Thailand and I don't have a problem with that but I find being followed by hoards of sales staff very distracting when you are looking just looking around. Anyway bless all you  kind staff of all the stores I love you all really,it's just my gripe for a bad day yesterday.

I always engrave this phrase in my heart, "who does business at a loss?"

It's very common sales tactics in Thailand to say out of stock and recommend other models or offer large discounts etc.

The basic concept among Thais are to bargain and they enjoy that plus expecting free gifts too. As to out of stock items, if one speaks Thai without foreigners, it's different ball game.

Shopping in Bangkok at certain areas are different from other areas of Bangkok. But in the province where less foreigners are, then the fun starts.

White Foreigners especially white or Japanese are view as rich and a sucker. Thais are not that bad as they just slit your throat while in other countries, they slit your throat from ear to ear. One needs to be street smart and if you have a local wife with a soft heart, game over! Their answer is, "never mind and help these people or do it like charity."

Good luck and have fun shopping! Spend more to help the Thai economy.

Yes shopping in Thailand is an education. Then when it comes to the two tier pricing it becomes a little more interesting. I have a Thai lady "friend" and she often helps me through this maze. Even with her help she too can get caught is this maze of tricks to try an increase the bill. In particular I noticed with internet service, initial setup, and with telephone service. It seems that we Americans have taught the Thai's a few tricks also. I also have some street smarts, starting with my time in Vietnam as a 20 year old.

It's too bad Walmart isn't allowed in Thailand. Walmart could certainly teach the Thai's a thing or two about supply chain, marketing, and a few other things. Then again Thailand would not like the competitive edge that Walmart would provide.

Even so as time progresses you can learn the Thai way, which is not entirely unique. I was speaking to a friend recently. He went to a shop where he liked their smoothies or coffee or such. At first he was charged 35 baht. He went there often enough that the shop charged him the Thai price of 15 baht. I have a Thai shop in my immediate neighborhood that I go to. She speaks good English and we enjoy exchanging humor. She often helps me and we even chat about good or high prices.

Networking in Thailand could be similar to what the US WAS like in the 1950's. It's fine that you can vent and then take the time to enjoy some of these practices, even if they seem none western.

I taught my Thai lady friend a new sport. Of course she hates it. It's called window shopping.

In the mean time - enjoy. (I readily do understand your frustration when shopping.)

I have experienced this on two different occasions with the same product but different brands.I just smiled and walked out.That's life!

Many westerners guys here in Thailand especially Americans and British doesn't know Thais way of selling.

They say food are cheap in Thailand which is true when compared to USA, Europe and some Asian countries. But did you  a compare apples for apples or just take apple to compare with orange?

Tescos Lotus and Big C hypermarket may sell food cheap such as bundle of vegetables for 5 Baht. Did you observe closely, the vegetables are spray with water often? These veggies will rot even you keep it in the veggies compartment in the fridge. It will not last more than 24 hours.

If you observe the chicken wings in the bin, the amount of fats are there. Look at the chicken wings in the freezer and can see the difference. Likewise for the pork with lots of fats there.

Yes price is cheap but with lots of fats so weight it and pay. You are paying for the fats too.

Price slash after 1700 hours because not fresh anymore. I don't need to touch the fish or prawns or cuttlefish. Just by looking at the fish eyes will tell you it's been there for days. Likewise for other seafood too.

Don't forget Thais deep fried the fish or pork or chicken till dried without the meat juice. You can't really taste the meat. Then you dip into the sauce and that is delicious?

Look at the sauces price and ask yourself, "Do you do business at a loss?"

I stopped buying food from Tesco Lotus or Big C or Talad Nut as the food are not fresh - meat or vegetables. 3 bundles of veggies for 20 baht. I tried it before and threw all away.

You buy it and cook immediately is different. This shows the food is near to expiry date.

I'm work for my income and wish to put fresh food into my body.

Medical bills are costly and I'm not going to suffer the pain or inconvenience. No one can help me with the pain or willingly to take care of me for the rest of their lives if serious illness.

So when you shop at stores or markets etc, be cautious.

I pay slightly more in other supermarkets or shops but I can rest assured of quality and good service.

In Thailand, when there's discount, be extra careful. It's unlike Europe or USA. Near to expiry or damage will have discount.

Butter cakes and cookies doesn't have butter smell, you tell me if that is true butter products?

I am living in Chiang Mai. I have learned where the wholesale market is. This is the market that distributes all fresh foods in Chiang Mai.  Every night the farmers come in to sell their produce or meat at this market. I was there today shopping and I would not buy from certain vendors because the food, for whatever reason, didn't like good. I've heard similar stories of people buying food in Paris. In my Thai neighborhood there is a market. I will not buy from that market because as I look the quality is poor. What is that expression - buyer beware.

This morning I went to Bid C, about 9:30 am. I bought some bread fresh out of the oven. Tonight I will be enjoying a Greek salad with that fresh bread.

Bill kip, my personal experiences of shopping are grapes pack in hard clear plastic and I didn't check it throughly. When I opened it back home, rotten ones are at the bottom. This was bought in Big C hypermarket.

I bought a facial cream soap in a tube form from Tesco Lotus and didn't look at the back of the tube. After using for a few days and so happen it drop on the floor. I saw words, "Not for sale - sample" printed on the back.

I bought small oranges imported from China from the roadside stall near the market. I can't choose the oranges and I go by trust. I saw her taking the oranges from the side of a pile of oranges that was arranged like a pyramid. She weigh it and need more oranges, thus she took some from the back of the pile of oranges. When I got home, there are rotten oranges in there.

I saw a nice glass Tuk Tuk at the weekend market and I bought it after price was agreed. The seller told me that she will give a new one which is well done bubble wrap so it will not be broken on my way home. I didn't check it and when I got home to unwrap it, the tuk tuk was broken in few pieces.

Even you buy from department store, do beware and check carefully because they don't check when suppliers delivered to them.

It waste time and cost of transport too just to go back for exchange if it's department store.

I already had my fair share of lessons so I always becareful when I shop in Thailand. Besides understanding Thais by working with them helps me to be careful too as there's no standard in their work.

I thank the Thais for their behaviour and attitude whereby I can do business here. They give foreigners lots of opportunities to make money in Thailand.

Being a foreigner and having discipline with western, Japanese and Chinese style of Management, I can market my products because there QC, responsibility, no defects, accept returns, no cheating etc.

All the bad experiences I got teaches me to be much better than  them.

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