Ray and Rose, Dos Vagabundos

I am Ray, a retired USA federal government employee, and my wife Rose, a pharmacist soon to retire.  We are traveling to Ecuador this November to take a look at the country, potential rentals and how the locals live.  We are looking forward to a "vagabundo" lifestyle where we will live in an area for no more than six months unless we simply fall in love with the place.  Our first six months will probably be Baja California so we can see what we can and cannot live without.  After that, we will probably head down to Ecuador.  Rose is originally from Peru, and we have traveled and lived there extensively, so we might skip that country for now and move on down to Chile, on to Argentina and back north through Central America.  I am 68, but I still think I am 18 and going to live forever.  We are trying to break some of our North American consumption habits and live a better lifestyle, less stuff, less stress, and hopefully a longer, better quality life.

I checked out other forums before deciding to sign up for this one, mainly due to some of the snarky and just downright mean comments that people apparently thought made them seem smarter than others in the other forums.  This one seems well run without the snarkiness.  I hope it stays that way.

While we will be information seekers right now, I hope that we can turn into information givers in the future.

Welcome to Ecuador!
wish you a beautiful trip!

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