UNE ? Appeal

hello .. do I have the same situation ?  I sent an appeal letter to udi then after 2 mos they sent an email that they forward my appeal to UNE then after 3 days UNE sent an email that If you have identity documents that you have not previously submitted to the Norwegian immigration authorities, it is important that you send them to us now. These documents may affect the decision of your case. Documents can be sent to the following address:               The reasons why I was rejected are : my man earned 294600kr but the req is 309kr     And they can't find my identity .....                                       and I need to wait 2-12 months for the result 🤧      But i want to apply on sept this yr for student visa ... do I have to wait for family reunification ? Or I can apply student visa while waiting ? And What is UNE?   Thankyou very much .

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