Looking at coming to Chiang mai

My name is Ray and my wife Susanne. We have a lovely home in Perth with tropical gardens that we love working in and relaxing in. So why would we want to move to Thailand? Cost of living. Getting away from demanding siblings.  High, dry temperatures and very cold winters. We have a business building and installing vertical gardens which is starting to wear ou bodies down, so need to retire.
We are looking at different areas of Thailand, which is why we will shortly ( next year) be coming to check things out. In the meantime we will do our homework and learn some of the language.
Apart from gardening Susanne loves cooking, exploring new cultures, and socialising. I'm from an arts background, love gardening also, writing and creating new ' things.'and meeting interesting people.

Hi Ray and Susanne, you know your hearts well and it's best to come here to survey before you make any decision. Weather here is totally different from Down under or Kiwi.

There a tourist garden in Chiangmai and Pattaya where lots of flowers are display. In Nakorn Naiyok have many shops selling trees, plants, flowers and waterfalls.

Landscape architects are plenty here and cost is cheaper than foreign ones.

Enjoy your trip here.

Hi there. I hadn't seen this when I replied. Can definitely relate to the cost of living problem.NZ is soo expensive now. Sounds like I have things in common with both of you. ..gardening, writing,cooking,different cultures and people.

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