For British Expats


I am new to this, but thought I'd give it a go.

I am currently helping British expats all over the globe with free information in regards to money they may be owed due to legislation changes back in the UK.

if you could kindly let me know your current location and best contact number and I get can some free information over to you.

thanks :)


Hi Jasmine and welcome,

I guess you should post the information directly here ?

Hi Julien,

sorry for that, still getting use to using this.


Oh wow; more PPI ................................. :)

nothing to do with PPI

and also not selling anything !!!

Just to clarify; after a brief exchange with Jasmine; apparently this is nothing to do with PPI, but more about recent regulatory changes related to transferring UK pensions abroad.

Apologies for my earlier misleading reply. :)

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