Newbie in NZ

Hi, i have been living in Auckland for almost 3 months now. I came here as a visitor visa after working and living in Singapore for 6 years and after 4 weeks of enjoying the beautiful scenery here in NZ and looking for a job at the same time i was very fortunate to get a job offer from an accredited company and now i am waiting for my work visa approval hopefully this week.

You're so lucky!! Could you share how you ended up with an job offer with just a visitor visa? I've been trying to get a job there but it seems nearly impossible without a working visa :(

I'm considering taking post grad course to try luck to get a job there. But if only I could get a job straight then I can skip the studying part .

Yes i think I'm really lucky. I came here around May 2017 with a tourist visa, interviewed around July 2017 and i got my work visa last week. I guess one of the reason was my 13 years of solid experience in Supply chain specifically in Planning & Purchasing.

Just keep on trying. Don't give up!

Oh good for you :)

Aww... thanks. I think I'm gonna try taking up post graduate course. Coming from banking industry, don't think it's easy to get a similar job in NZ.

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