an introduction. my name is Geoffreynielsen

I just thought I had joined the expat .com Cambodia, but find myself on the Indian instead. I suppose because I currently reside in India!  I will try and correct this, my profile is registered.I do plan on moving to Cambodia within the next few months, reasons for me to be a Cambodia member. I Have really enjoyed reading on the forum. and will be seeking information from the members in the future, so I do hope that being put on the India.expat will not hamper me getting on the Cambodia I will try and cancel the India one as my plan is to move from here.
I am Australian,and have lived in India for 17 years. But as is said, all good things come to an end and I'm looking forward to  change, I have lived in Thailand, so Cambodia holds an attraction for me with a similar culture, food ect. So i hope to meet some of you on the forum in the future.

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