What are the dos and don'ts of finding a job in England?

Hello everyone,

Where is the best place to start when looking for a job in England? Is it better to job-hunt by directly contacting the company of your interest, or should job-seekers rely on a recruitment agency, for example?

Are there any unique aspects that job-seekers should consider when preparing their CV/résumé and cover letter? Should a photo be included?

Do you have any tips on interview conduct in England? Are there any particulars, such as greetings or behavioural customs?

In you opinion, is knowledge of the local language or a regional language necessary to successfully apply for a job? What level of the language should job-seekers have mastered?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


I, too, am asking the same question. It doesn't appear you can get a job in UK without a Tier 2 work visa for which you must already have a job. I don't find that realistic. Tier 1 skilled worker visit is closed.

I am planning on hiring a UK Immigration attorney to help me get a visa.

You should have appropriate profession and skills in line with requirements of short profession's list published by Gov. of UK. Once you fit into that bracket, go on and apply to try your luck for Tier 2 visa.
I fear, there is no other way or short cut available at this time.
Hope it helps.

The UK has high unemployment, easy access for many EU people and a political situation that is less than welcoming to foreign workers.
Add the massive number of people who want to get to the UK for a variety of reasons and you can expect the government to make life hard for you.

Getting in contact with a recruitment agency will be a huge help to you. Have a think of what sort of jobs interest you and what you would enjoy doing and your recruitment agency will help you to find a job suited to you.
During your interview, it is important to be polite, friendly and most importantly to be yourself!
Your CV should include: your full name, address, phone number, email address, qualifications, skills, work experience and interests/hobbies. CV's do not include a picture of yourself.
Knowledge of language depends on your job but it will help if you have good knowledge of the English language.
I hope this helped you and good luck with the job hunt :)

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