Egyptian and Malaysian getting married - what to do? Please guide me.

I just want to know the correct procedure to get married in Cairo.
In shaa Allah, will meet my love in this December.
I knew him from website called Interpals Penpals since last February, and fallen in love after one month.
He told his mom and his family about us, and they gave us support to end this relationship with marriage.

Any Egyptian who can help me about this?
Thanks a lot.  :)

Where r u going to get married? Malaysia or Egypt?

In Egypt...

Have you met him before? Have you been to Egypt and met his families and stayed in Egypt before?

Saw him thru video Skype and talked with his mom. Will meet him and his family in December and stay at his home for 10 days.


well, I was surprised that you never met him in real, and never spend time with his family before. And now you are talking about marriage. Just be careful girl. Best wishes form me though

interesting :)

Hi Ayu,

Just come with your birth certificate and passport, and certification of religion if you have one. Make sure you don't need to apply for a visa before booking your trip or arriving. Find out where your embassy is in Cairo and call them or visit their website and you'll know further what you need.

As far as the process of getting married through the Egyptian government ask your fiance to find out the process.

You'll most likely need

-Approval from your embassy
-A medical check performed by a government-authorized hospital in Egypt
-And a whole bunch of other papers and weird stamps from various Egyptian authorities, especially if you plan on staying in Egypt as a resident. All of that happened in Arabic and I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, that's why I suggest your fiance find out what to do

A lot of people get married to people they meet online, be it dating sites or gaming sites or whatever.
Don't worry if people tell you it's weird, it's not that weird these days.

Sounds pretty cool that your families are involved-best of luck.

Generally, you need the following before you go to the Office of Foreigner Marriage Registration at Ministry of Justice, Lazoghly Square, Downtown:

1- Family fund stamp, costs 50 EGP, sold at any Egypt Post office.

2- Medical check from any public hospital, free of charge, requires ID/Passport Copy + 2 personal photos.

3- For those who converted to Islam (were not born Muslims), you need a certificate of conversion to Islam, obtainable from Al-Azhar grand mosque, free of charge, requires Passport copy + Personal photo.

4- For the foreign party, you need your embassy's certificate of non-impediment (a.k.a Approval to marry). Requirements vary greatly from embassy to embassy in terms of documents, conditions and fees.

For instance embassy of Ukraine requires passport copy, personal photo (for the Ukrainian party) and payment of $60 for 3-day service or $120 for same-day service. On the other hand embassy of Russia requires a ton of documents from both partners (Egyptian and Russian). Embassy of Belarus requires a document from the Belorussian party from their home country proving they are single + payment of $30.   

Check ahead of arrival with your embassy in Cairo for the embassy's requirements to avoid unnecessary delays.

5- For the foreign party, if your embassy's approval does not state your religion, you need a document from the appropriate religious authority (refer to #3 for Muslims, for Christians you need a certificate of baptism from your local church here whether it's Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Anglican ...etc.)

6- You need to stamp your embassy's approval from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Notary Office مكتب تصديقات وزارة الخارجية. Costs 11 Pounds and is served immediately.

7- You need original and copy of both parties' ID (Egyptian) and Passport (Foreign), 5 personal photos each (4x6 cm, white background), Copy of foreign party's entry stamp and visa.

8- You need two known male witnesses, and they need to bring their ID/passport and copies of which.

9- If the wife-to-be is divorced, she needs to bring her divorce, which needs to be final and 3 months must have elapsed since then. If she's a widow, 4 months and 10 days must elapse.

Divorce must be final (i.e.: agreed upon and the waiting period elapsed, OR the court order is a FINAL one after all appeals have been exhausted OR window for appeal passed without appeal).

All divorce documents must be EITHER issued by an Egyptian authority OR translated, stamped and notarized by the country's embassy AND subsequently the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or by the Egyptian Embassy in that country).

10- For most nationalities you need your visa to be valid and to get a stamp of touristic residence (available at Tahrir Complex Office of Immigration for free, served immediately (just ask for registration stamp).

11- For females from the following nationalities, she needs first to have a 6-months (or more) non-touristic residence visa

1- Philippines
2- Thailand
3- Malaysia
4- Srilanka
5- Bangladesh
6- India
7- Pakistan
8- All ex-USSR countries
9- Israel (also males)

If the applicant already has a visa (dependent, through a relative, work, student ...etc.) she can go ahead, otherwise there is a workaround I will state at the end of the conditions.

12- If the difference in age between the couple is more than 25 years, approval from the Office of Minister of Justice must be obtained.


For point #11, if the wife-to-be does not have any means to get such visa (must be non-touristic), the following workaround can be done:

1- Obtain embassy approval per point #4 above. stamp it per point #6.
2- Get an Urfi marriage (common-law marriage) contract at a lawyer's office, costs around 500 EGP, must be stamped by the lawyer's office stamp.
3- Prepare the following : two copies of husband's ID card, wife's passport, wife's current visa, wife's entry stamp, embassy's approval, Urfi contract.
4- Proceed to Tahrir Complex - Office of Immigration, apply for a 6 month non-touristic residence visa using above documents.
5- After one week, couple will be interviewed by the Immigration Investigative services at the same place in Tahrir Complex. After that the documents will be sent to National Security for a background check.
6- After ~2 weeks, once visa is approved you can get the visa and pay the fees, after which you can proceed to get legally married.

Thank you so much for the info.

Hallo there. Surprised to know your story. I also fall in love with someone she lives in egypt. We never meet face to face. I want to marry her. I am also planning to visit for marriage this april. But I need more info about the marriage procedure. Wish to hear from you how it went there. May allah bless your relationship. Salam


Alhamdulillah, am already married with him. Not in Egypt but in Malaysia as the procedure in Egypt will need more time and i just have 10 days there. And my boyfriend (before married) needs 3 days to settle down about all the documents needed.

Ahh thats a great news, I am also worried as the process in egypt is very complicated

Hi there..congratulation. am happy for u. So..r u in cairo now?


Alhamdulillah. Thanks  :)
Am in Malaysia now with my husband.
In shaa Allah, will go to Cairo again...soon.

congratulations guys

congratulations ... wishing you all the best in life :)

Very interesting !! Best wishes for ya ^^

thank you  :)

If you are really want to get marry in Cairo, you can pay any lawyer to help you...

Dont ! All egyptians are fraud !  They r only after passports and visa . Wht happend to me was a sad tragedy ! Dont let it happen to u !

seems you didn't read the threads in the post :)  ..... they are already married now :)

and , regarding your comment that all egyptians are fraud , or running after passport and visa , i would say NO ................ your own experience is not valid to be generalized to the whole egyptians ..........

Yes, am agreed.
Not all an Egyptians are like that..

In Islam, we do the istikharah
And more powerful if we do tahajud before we make any decision
Alhamdulillah...i know all his close friends and all his family members
Even he have his own office in Cairo
So, no need for him to marry someone just to need for a visa  :)

When Allah said Kun fayakun  :)

it became like a template to claim that all egyptians want just paper and visa ..........  giving some sad stories ........  with another fake stories to give a false impression that this is a rule ...........

at the same time , ignore thousands of successful marriages , because simply they dont come to this site to tell their story

Hi All, I’m a Chinese Malaysian Christian  going to married my Egyptian boyfriend who is a Muslim.

We don’t know where to register our marriage? Because I need to keep my Christian religion.

Can anyone adivse? Thanks

you dont need to change religion ....... you can both marry while your are chritstian .

and if you are in egypt now , you can go to " mogamaa el-tahreer" مجمع التحرير  ........ there you can start your procedures . wishing you the best luck :)

Hi, congratulate in advance.
Ok, i am Egyptian man live in Cairo-Egypt.
Now, i'd love to know what is your problem,, you can get your marriage with your Egyptian man so easy if you have the required documents when your coming to Egypt.

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