Dog food?

What types of dog food is easily accessible in most places? Bringing our dog from Canada and we were wondering about her dog food. Any recommendations?

Vital and Purina are readily available here in most large grocery stores.  If you are looking for canned, Alpo is available.  Anything special for your dog, don't count on finding it here.  That goes for you too.  Special diets, meds you may not be able to find here or at least not easily.

Thanks for the info.

We find almost all brands of dog food locally that you see back in the States. The vets even have some of the more expensive (and really expensive) special foods for sale.

Bob K

Yes to both posts. I have found Bravo to be the best source of goos varieties at the best prices.

Thanks Bob, my wife will be glad to hear that.

Thanks Planner.

You are welcome!

Did anybody ever think of asking the locals about the dog food they get for their dogs?

Robbie you are welcome

Bob K

Hey, Robbie! Just let me know what brand your fur-person prefers.  Rosa owns Garcia's and is really good about getting what you like from the States.

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