Teaching in Punta Cana

I've been thinking about moving to Punta Cana for a while now. I'm a teacher back in NY and would like a teaching job here as well. I have an interview at a school, however my concern is how conservative the schools are here. I have visible tattoos and am scared I won't get hired because of that. I have a bachleros in bilingual education, masters in special education and TESOL.

Hello Vtapia,
I would cover them for the  first interview. I just went through a a round of interviews myself and landed the position. Just get a sense of the atmosphere. Good luck!

Cover those you can for the interview.  Tats are pretty common here

Bob K

Tats are not well accepted here by local conservative culture. Until you know the schools culture - cover them up.


Thank you everyone, that's exactly what I'll do.

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