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Hi i am a vietnamese aspire to work in Malaysia. There is a company in Malaysia hired me as curriculum  development assistant for their books. This company is a publisher so to speak. Now employer is exploring the ways to work on the visa but they have no experience at all. Salary offered to me is RM 3500. Employer wish to use an agent to process the working permit. Employer was told that employment pass category 3 is impossible to obtain, so agent suggested to do Professional visit pass instead.

My question is do you have any recommendation for agent that can do on behalf for employer? A good one with track record

Can employer apply PVP themselves?

Thank you

It is always the employer that should apply for the Professional Passes as they need to register with Expat Services Division. I don't think agents can use that system but some outsourcing companies do, such as Kelly or Emerio. The company also has to have sufficient paid-up capital to qualify to hire foreigers. Whether it is a Professional III or a PVP Pass does not really matter. They both require ESD registration.

If they are now suggesting using an agent it sounds as though they want to hire you as a Foreign Worker. That area is full of scam artist Agents and various levies (which unscrupulous employers pass on to the prospective employee). It does not sound a good situation you are in, to be honest.

Page 6 of the guide might  make interesting reading (from a search done on PVP) if the job is in the ICT area. Page 27 clearly says that the company has to be registered with ESD i.e. not an Agent. Apart from the rediculous fees when using an Agent, it would be far better for the company to use the ESD system, especially for you. The online brochure explains the whole recruitment thingy.

The Foreign Worker nightmare route is explained here: You will also see that the employer must apply themselves now … n-workers/  Basically, the government is trying to stamp out the Agent system. Perhaps the company might now know about this or does not have the paid-up capital to hire foreigners.

In short, be careful you don't get yourself involved in a situation where you are being asked to pay RM7-11k just to be hired (and there is no certainty the process will ever be completed or the visa is authentic) I highly recommend you contact member on here called kimluuthien who may be able to help you.

Base on your salary, you can get a Employment Pass Type Category III (Knowledge/
Skill Workers) and I think your employer company need do it for you because if any company have to hire foreign person it need to be register with Malaysia government.

Please conscious and clearly consider about yourself case. Like @Gravitas told, don't pay anything to be hired.

My suggestion is should be let your employer make the visa for you. They'll have a experience and you also fell safer. It maybe take quite time but should be so.

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