Moving to Cambodia.

Hi Everyone! My name's Dave and I'm about to go to Hanoi to see friends there.  I'll probably stay a month or so, but ultimately I want to work and live in Cambodia. Any help and advice anyone can give me about: best way to get work teaching adults, places to live, the pitfalls to avoid and general helpful information to ease my path to this exciting country will be gratefully received and certainly worth a drink or two upon my arrival. Thank you!

Dave Cambodia is a fairly easy place to live, many apartments, lots of transportation ( too much) ha, lots of bars if that is your thing, with 50 cent beers , I would get into a quest house , walk around the city , so many rentals in Phnom Penh , most expats like siem reap or the coast, for me it's Phnom Penh this is my second year in the city , but find a area you like or city, walk around to look for houses, main thing is barter the price, I usually bring 3-6 months cash up front , it gives you a lot of barter power! I don't use the banks just ATM , and get usd and spend them , careful at night , although I've had no problems as generally no violent crime against tourist, they do have purse snatching sand phone snatching, but Phnom Penh is a lot safer than most USA cities , jobs are pretty easy to find teaching , but counting on making a good living in Cambodia is not a good plan usually, but retiring to me it's the perfect place, good luck!

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