looking for english tutor in ho chi minh


I am looking for an English tutor in ho chi minh.
mostly want to focus on speaking and listening (at basic level of speaking and listening now)
Does not matter the nationality but i will only be free at evening time and weekends.
Anyone teaches English or know anyone does, please send me a message.


Where in Saigon?
How many hours a night?
How many times a week?
How much per hour?

I am currently at District 7
i was thinking 1 and half or two hours per lesson after 7pm.
Twice a week will do for me. for the price, i have no idea but i guess its between 10 to 20/USD per hour.

Send me a message if you are interested.

I'm not interested as I live over the other side of the city. It was more about getting the details so others may be interested.

Hello Park

Lots people can speak English around District 7, If you need to improve only your speaking then why don't you go around every day after seven then talk to different people. So that will be very interesting too.

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Hi everyone,

@ Bosco Park, please drop an advert in the Language classes in Ho Chi Minh City section of the classifieds. You will easily find someone.

all the best,

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