I need a business partner in Vietnam

Hello I'm Kate, from Thailand.
I own a garment factory (mainly gloves and masks). I once imported my product into Saigon, but now I found out there are fake products of mine selling there. I need someone to help me both for sales and legal issue.

English and Thai speaking preferable.

Please give me your contact, and I'll contact you asap. Thank you!

Hello Karina
Good afternoon
What type of gloves are you exporting from Thailand?
I work for a gardening company in the Uk
But live 3 months of the year in HCM

I would be interested to talk with you

Kind regards


Hello Kate,

Can you add me to your contact? I am a lawyer, based in Saigon.

I might help you or at least find a better lawyer to help you if so required.

Thank you.


Hello John,

It's knitted-type gloves with high quality thread. Also, we have non-slipped gloves in our product lines which are quite famous in Thailand.

Hi Le

Thank you so much!! I really need some legal helper who can speak English or Thai well.
I've added you! :)

Hello Karina
Thank you for getting back to me
Do you have a web site to look through the product ranges

Kind regards

Hi John, I replied to you in msg.

Hi Karina
Thank you I will have a look
Have a lovely afternoon

Best wishes


Hello Karina
Are you on Skype or what's app
If want to talk more
Best wishes

Please pass contact details by PM only


I am interested.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Hi Derrick,

Thank you for your interest. Do you live in Vietnam?

Yes I do live in Vietnam. Currently in hcmc.


Me too...

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