New advice on starting this journey

Well hello world I've been researching countries for awhile and thailand seems the best also been referred by a friend and am currently new to this so have no idea where to start or how to any advice would be great thanks

Slippery slope

Jump in, the water is fine.  Travel will change you but probably for the better.

So just buy a ticket and show up?

Try or Both sites have lots of information.

The first question you need to answer is - what are a looking for? For example, is it a cheap life style, can I blend in and be a part of the culture, what do you want to do with your time. Perhaps starting with a list of your objectives and then looking at what fits. There is on blogger wjo called himself neveragain, and many others who couldn't think of anywhere else in the world they want to live then Thailand. Up to you.

Buy a ticket and show up...yeah that’s pretty much what I did but that was a long time ago.  :)

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