Moving from Ireland to UK with USA spouse!


I am in need of help!

I am a British citizen living in Ireland for the past 16 months. I would like to know if my American husband is able to come with me to live in the UK in the not to distant future. We have two children that are British citizens and we would like to bring them with us also. Will he need to fill out an EEA permit or can we just bring him through the airport through customs to live in the UK and then apply for residence once we are there? We have made Ireland our centre of home and the only thing we are waiting on is the permanent Stamp 4.

We have been married for 27 years and right now his status in Ireland is, he has a temporary stamp 4. Will he have to wait to get the permanent stamp 4 before we can apply to enter the UK?

I've looked on various websites that say that I can legally enter the UK with my husband and will be subject an interview as to our reason for entering. This is the website I researched as well as others.

Spouses or civil partners of persons present and settled in the United Kingdom or being admitted on the same occasion for settlement: … ly-members

Thank you so much for your help, the information out there is very confusing.

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