Moving to Switzerland from UK

Hello there,

We are a couple of scientists working in a pharmaceutical industry, willing to relocate to Switzerland.
We would like to gather some information about the Country such as:
1) Would be a problem start job hunting knowing only English and Italian?
2) Which website are most used to look for a Scientific job ?
3) Which Cities are the more suitable for Pharmaceuticals/Scientific Career?
4) How is the cost of living?(taxes insurance, healthcare)
5) how is work life balance in Switzerland?And retributions? (Pensions scheme, bonus)
6) Is it that expensive buying a house there? Which website would you recommend?

I am sorry if I have millions of questions but I would love to be prepared in advance for this big adventure that we are about to start.

Thank you


For searching a job please visit For sceintific jobs, please check
It's recommended to find a job before moving to Switzelrand.
For buying a house we can help you if you search close to Lausanne. You can check on or

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