Job invitation for university at Business Studies Department

Dear all,

I am Dr. Ameen, working as business studies professor in India and willing to work in Bahrain.

Recently I had received an offer for my job application from university HR, my profile matched their need and they are considering my profile for September 2017. I have been told to attest my higher educational documents, then I was asked for birth certificate, PCC, experience certificates, publications etc. Once I'm done sending these through PDF attachment, I will have interview through Skype. I'm in hardcore process of arranging documents as per the university protocol. My question is asking documents without interviewing first and the offer on email seems like I'm almost selected.

Please let me know if this the process followed in Bahrain? In an odd case I'm afraid that after arranging all documents, they may not turn back? Or definitely they will consider for further process and interview ?

Kind regards,
Dr. Ameen


Bahrain does not follow any standard procedure of recruitment it varies, just make sure that you are communicating with the right/legit source either via email or phone. Make sure the emails are coming from a legit email address and if a phone call ask for a alternate contact to verify.

Good luck

Thank you so much Logical Indian. I truly appreciate your auspicious reply.

Actually the source is genuine and it is exactly from university HR.

When I cross checked, she is the senior HRD of that university. She is responding to my queries promptly. But I'm worried in case after a long struggle at the end circumstances goes wrong.

When you said there is no standard procedure followed in Bahrain, I felt little relaxed. Hope to know more about it.

Thanks a lot indeed 👍

Things do move a bit slow here in Bahrain, so keep the hopes up!

Good luck


Yes I do understand.. Thank you so much 👍

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