Entry Visa Expiration

Hello all. I'm here in Doha on the entry visit visa that they give to certain nationalities on entry at the Hamad Airport. It was good for 30 days and can be renewed for an additional 30 days. I have two problems I need help with and can't find any useful information online.

A. Where do I go to renew it? I went to the airport and was told no. Asked the hotel visa office where I am staying and they can't help me either. Also if the hours of operation for the place I need to go could be posted that'd be great also.

B. While I've been trying to learn this information, it's expired. I know there's a fee for each day and I'm able to pay that no problem. But are there any other complications? Will I still be able to renew for the additional 30 days or will I have to exit and come back?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

hi tkinok, i had same experience 8 months before i get qatari ID, i used to renew it from one place new hamad airport, i guess it is passport office, but not sure, if you like i can help to take you there,

Hello Ibraheem,
I think it is the passport services office over by the air cargo before you actually enter the airport itself, on the north side? I found it on the map just now when I read your post and went looking. I am told there may be an office inside the Souq Wakif where it can be done also. Did yours actually expire? If so was it easy to renew after paying the penalties or did they make you leave and come back first?

Actually i don't know if it there is such office in sooq waqif, i paid 100 for renewing the visa only, no penalty, and it was renewed immediately, everything finished in 5 mins

Visit visa on arrival can be renewed only from Hamad Airport & please note one extension only [30days] after 60 days stay in Qatar need to exit the country otherwise per day fine QAR 200/-. hope this information will help..if have any further doubt please feel free to ask.. best regards

I have some good news to report. My friend took me to the Police and Immigration office inside Souq Wakif just now. The renewed my visa no problem, charged me the appropriate penalty and the 30 day renewal fee. I walked in dressed respectably and smiled and said I have no idea what I'm doing and I need help. They were so kind and helpful and really took good care of me. I'd highly recommend this office to anyone looking to renew their visa who is staying in the Souq Wakif/Corniche area and doesn't want to venture out to the airport or the other immigration offices on the outskirts of Doha.

**Added bonus: It was refreshingly cold in the office which was great after walking through the hot Souq to get there. Even in my hotel there's no air conditioning in the lobby or hallways, stairs, elevators. I was shocked by that. I literally hate to leave my room because of the heat in the lobby waiting for a ride to pick me up. So if you're looking for a room in Doha, it may behoove you to call the hotel and make certain they air condition the other areas of the place and not just your room you'll be sleeping in. They won't let members of the opposite sex come to your room so if you have friends you must meet and visit in the lobby which is absolutely miserable to do in this place due to the heat. Just a little unrelated travel tip. :)

Hello everyone ,
I want to know if it’s advisable to reapply to an offer to qatar or not . I’ve joined a company and within a month before getting my ID i had termination letter and i had to leave Qatar within 2 days . Now my Visa is still valid till end  of April .
Is the visa canceled anyway once you leave the airport?
Getting another job offer to Tunisia is the only way left to work in Qatar ?
Clarification please .

My dear once you got terminated everything is terminated too, your VISA is invalid now it means your health status is unfit to stay in Qatar, That is  why your company was unable to continue processing your QID.

Thanks for the reply.
My health status is excellent , as far as i know.
They probably had other reasons ;))

VISA ON ARRIVAL is free of cost and we can extend for another 30days in the website under inquiries ->visa services>visit visa extension.

it is Absolutely free.

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