Need someone to hang out with

I've been in Shenzhen now for about 6 months and plan to stay longer but I've been so lonely. I've met few expats but really didn't fully connect with most of them. I will love to find a friend to do things with as I'm tired of doing everything alone. I'm a woman in my early twenties and would prefer to hang out with women aswell (guys are fine but I seriously need a girl I can relate to). I love sight seeing, exploring the city, window shopping, playing sports, and traveling. Right now I'm in the mood to explore Hong Kong and will like to have someone with me. Please contact me if you're interested.

Hi deb1234, I'd like to meet some new friends too. I've got a position in Shenzhen, and will move there in a few days. Hope to catch you up later if you don't mind.

Have a good day.


Hello! Im Indonesian and Im new expat in Shenzhen too!  Feel a little bit lonely too since I come here alone. I would like to find some friends to hanging out with. Hope we hv chance to meet up later!

sometimes we hike in Hongkong.  next time we have activities, i will contact you.  ***

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Hey guys! I've been in Shenzhen for 5 years, it's great to see new people. I run a number of groups on wechat as well as events around the city to help people make new friends and to really enjoy Shenzhen. If you'd like to join any of these, please add me on wechat - ***! Hope to meet you soon!

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Please note, contact details are not allowed on the open forums for many reasons, these including people selling various things such as event tickets but pretending to be looking for friends.
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OK. got it.

Hi Fred - it's great to see people policing the community, so thanks for that. I am, however, not trying to sell anything, I was in the position that many others are - in the middle of nowhere, stuck in a school or job with no friends, and it's hard for people to socialise, meet new people or to simply learn about where good coffee is. I didn't have that, so I share this information and resources with others via wechat. If people wish to find out about that, then they can just message me. I wasn't aware of the rule for not posting contact details - so my apologies.

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