Need someone to hang out with

I've been in Shenzhen now for about 6 months and plan to stay longer but I've been so lonely. I've met few expats but really didn't fully connect with most of them. I will love to find a friend to do things with as I'm tired of doing everything alone. I'm a woman in my early twenties and would prefer to hang out with women aswell (guys are fine but I seriously need a girl I can relate to). I love sight seeing, exploring the city, window shopping, playing sports, and traveling. Right now I'm in the mood to explore Hong Kong and will like to have someone with me. Please contact me if you're interested.

Hi deb1234, I'd like to meet some new friends too. I've got a position in Shenzhen, and will move there in a few days. Hope to catch you up later if you don't mind.

Have a good day.


Hello! Im Indonesian and Im new expat in Shenzhen too!  Feel a little bit lonely too since I come here alone. I would like to find some friends to hanging out with. Hope we hv chance to meet up later!

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