Seeking Advice about my EP Application

Good day, everyone!

I'm from the Philippines and recently I've received a job offer in Singapore. My employer uses third-party recruiters to process the Employment Pass. My first recruiter applied for my EP and it was rejected because of the following reason: The work pass is for the foreigner to work as an employee for the direct employer only and not work for another company/client. Because it was rejected at first, my employer referred me to another third-party recruiter, and now my EP currently has Pending status for 3 weeks already.

I've checked my credentials using the self-assessment tool & it says that I am most likely to get approved if I applied for EP.

Regarding this, did the previous rejection of my EP affected the amount of time my EP would most likely to get approved? How much more months/weeks is it most likely to get approved? I am just concerned because all of my colleagues w/ the same credentials have approved passes w/ just less than three weeks.

Thank you so much! Have a nice day everyone.

If you read various threads discussed in Singapore forum, then you could have got the response by now that average time of getting approval is longer than usual and instances where candidates were waiting more than 4 months before they know the result of their applications.

Secondly, in SAT it only gives you the eligibility of the candidate to apply an EP or S pass, don't tell you whether your application would be approved or not.

Thirdly, your earlier rejection and new application was not correlated to each other so shouldn't be impacted, but do not get the point how an employer liaised with two third party service providers for a same candidate to apply an EP? Am I missing something! Anyway, I would recommend to read through various threads discussed in Singapore forum which will help you to understand better and in many extent will clarify most of your queries. All the best.

Thank you very much, sir.  :)

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