Electrician, Plumber & Gas Engineer.

I looking to relocate from U.K. to Gibraltar.
1st Trained on Gas, then continued to Electrical to level of C&G 2400 Design.
B.T.E.C. Nvq in Plumbing & Heating.
Soon the 18th Edition  BS7671 willl be announced would like to move after updateing my quals.
I am ex  Army & a hard worker if you would like a CV I can send you one with a covering letter.
All my UK qualifications are valid in Gibraltar.

Reards Mark August 2017.

Hi Mark

The only gas we use is for beer in the pubs.

Take a look at https://gibyellow.gi/result?query=elect … e=business or similar trades.

Then take a short break out here and knock on doors

But remember you will be competing with the rest of Europe and in particular with the vast number of Spanish unemployed who live just across the frontier.


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