Are there any expats in Ningbo?

I arrived a week ago in Ningbo, Yinzhou district. I have not been able to get any info or make any contacts with the Ningbo Foreign Ladies Group. I posted a message earlier this year from their Facebook page and never heard from them. Does anybody have a good contact info on how to find them?


if you want to find some one or some group in china, at first you need to have their phone number, if not just search the search webs in china. don't use facebook, cause is forbidden here. we cant use facebook what a pity.

besides i search this group on web also find nothing so just give up may be it's not existed

Thank you, Julie. I forgot this little detail. No wonder they never responded because I used Facebook back in January.

I'm a headhunter with some clients in Ningbo,I know there are quite a lot of expats there. You can try these groups on linkedin: Ningbo expat. Ningbo business club.

Good luck with your search.

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