Alien pass vs dependents pass

What is  The difference between these  Two? And what rights do they give to the holder ?

How would one be eligible for an alien pass?

Can anyone that wishes to stay in kenya beyond the length of a tourist visa be permitted to stay indefinitely if they are a holder of an alien pass ?

The 'Alien Pass' or Foreigner Certificate is an ID card, but not a permit to remain in Kenya.  After a stay of 90 days, all foreigners are supposed to register with immigration and the Foreigner Certificate is issued of the validity period of your visa. 

Therefore if you extend your single entry visa (tourist visa) for 3 months, then the Foreigner Certificate will be valid until the date your visa expires.  It is not a visa, or permit in its own right.

A Dependents Pass allows a spouse (doesn't count for non married partnerships) or child of someone who is working and able to support them, to live in Kenya.  However, the holder of a Dependents Pass is prohibited from working (otherwise they would not be 'dependent'!)

Thanks so how long can a person stay in Kenya with an aliens pass ?

Just as long as your visa is valid.  Its not a pass, permit or visa and gives you no right to live in Kenya.  Its an ID card for foreigners, so is issued alongside whatever permit or visa extension you might have applied for.

Makes sense - thank you

Hi,  you can check on eCitizen:

and then go to the Immigration page:

It is not a matter of Alien's Pass vs Dependents Pass I believe (different animals that cannot be compared....)  but the eCitizen should clarify for you.

Good luck and welcome to Kenya!
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