Dog transport to europe - help needed!

Dear expat people

We are are a French/Danish couple who are in desperate need of your help to get a puppy (Clarke) back to europe. We found her as an abandoned puppy at an empty lot in vacoas, and finally decided to take her in as our own, and bring her back to europe with us, giving her a chance for a happy life with lots of love. To our great horror we later  discovered that our airline, Eurowings, does not allow dogs on their long distance flights, and we therefore desperately look for a kind soul who would be willing to bring her on their plane preferably at the end of September (we leave on the 20th). We will of course pay for the ticket of the dog and any expenses that might be associated with the trip! We have started her her necessary vaccination and sterilisation and have an appointment with a very nice veterinarian at PAWS to prepare all necessary paperwork. If you think you might be able to help, or if you might know someone who would be willing, please don't hesitate to contact us on

Best Regards

Claes, Marion and Clarke

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Hi, I currently have friends who are transporting 3 Mauritian kittens back to the UK - I know they are flying unattended! apart from that I do not know the specifics... however I do know they are using the services of a lady recommended by PAWS (call the north) - the rules may be different about attending animals to Europe but its worth a try? :)

Its definitely worth a shot. I'll contact the north office first thing in the morning. Thank you so much for your reply! :D

Would love to help however I from in Australia. I will be leaving Mauritius on the
14 September 2017. I am more that happy to foster the dog for a period  if the worse comes to worse.

There are several people looking for the same thing including myself.
Yes it does make it easier if someone  checks the animal in and out of the airports, the kind persons who can offer to help do not have to do anything else. My foster girl needs to get Holland but her new owner will pick up anywhere in Europe . So many of our Mauritian dogs have been abused ,they deserve to have better  lives. please expats help if you can. Thank you

Hi josianereuben
It's very sweet of you to make yourself available. Hopefully we will find a way to get her home with us to europe, but we might take you up on your offer if it's not possible at all. Thank you :)

Thank you for replying chandraw
It sounds like you are in basically the same situation. We are in contact with paws, who has helped others on our situation. It happens that tourists volunteer to transport pets back to europe, so maybe you should also try to give paws a call if you haven't all ready.
Hopefully it will work out for all of us.

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