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Hello,I want to make some questions about Germany.
The questions that i have is:where is the best place to live having a 14 years old kid that he can go to a greek school 2.The kid can go only to a greek school or and to a german school 3.Do taxi drivers get relatively good money?

There are International schools in Germany that use English as their basic language of instruction but not many Greek schools. Not sure there is much demand for it? Most Greeks I know are middle class and came to Germany for work. They tend to put their kids in the free but good public schools. Private schools are expensive and the parents putting their kids into International schools are usually here for a limited time period for really well-paying jobs.

I’ve read that it was different decades ago. As many Greeks came in the decades after the Second World War they often expected to eventually return home and thus established Greek schools. But as it turned out, most who established a life in Germany stayed and their kids, often born in Germany, learned German and there was no longer a perceived need for separate schools. The following link gives a good overview of this development. … ts-germany

But good new is that some schools still exist! Here is a link to a site listing the Greek schools in Germany (and around the world). I have no idea if it is really up to date and noticed right away that they misspelled Stuttgart as Stuttgard so they seem to be a bit sloppy – but it seems to be the best source for what you are looking for.,AU.htm

Taxi driving is a typical side job for students and paid accordingly (i.e. not very well). Unless you start your own taxi company (and employ others), you won't earn enough to afford a private (Greek) school for your kid.
Also, you need German language skills and a taxi license for the city you want to drive in. Getting the license involves certain courses and tests, incl. knowing all the streets in the city (no joke!).

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