Kitchen sink problem

We need to buy a sink unit for our flat in malt to replace current one - new or second hand. We seem to be having real problems finding one - most stores sell either the sink or a unit but are advising we need to buy everything separately then get the worktop cut to fit the sink....we live in uk so it's difficult to source products and services. Can anyone help? Thanks

It will be difficult, no, impossible to do this from the UK.

There are places that stock a selection, Forestals and Homezone to name two.  Search "kitchen sinks on Malta" will find more.
You would need to know the dimensions of your current unit then go and find something that will fit. If you have a simple standard sink and drainer then you should be able to find something.
Good luck.

If you need a complete unit, you could try getting a local or expat here who does small jobs like this and give him dimensions to make one and have it ready to install when you are next over here. You should be able to choose colours and finishes by using uploaded photos.


Thank you - we are over in a couple of weeks so will try again then

Thank you....

Hi, Just saw this and they have a sale on kitchen sinks!

Thank you!

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