Jumping red signal.


This a tricky situation. Just recently i was driving by ruwi. There was heavy traffic and i kept going. I went in when the signal was yellow and then eventually turned red. Because of the traffic i didn't notice it when the signal turned red. How long does it take to go and see the footages if i'm safe? (btw the incident happened on 6th August 2017). Is there anyway i can check if i've cleared the signal. Can any one suggest what is the next step i should take.

Thank you

Hi Anas116,

If the camera did not flash, then you are fine.

If it flashed, then you have been recorded.

In any case, you cannot do anything until your vehicle goes for registration, or if you are exiting the country.

Only when the check your details would you / the ROP know that you are having a pending fine against your name.

The nearest police station would not be having the footage. You must go to the vehicle registration office in Seeb. Only they will have it.

Read all about it detail in the forum.

P.S. And what is the "tricky situation" here really ?

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