General info about Hai Phong - Uong Bi area please :)

Hi there, im Sorin , im considering taking a job in Uong Bi in november and i need lots of info ...Please let me know about housing/accommodation cost, foods, general cost of living...if anyone there please help !...:)....Thanks !!

Dear Mr. Sorin,

Uong Bi is small city, so cost of living is less compare with Ho Chi Minh City or Ha Noi.

In uong bi most of Vietnamese restaurant food is cheaper may be from USD 2 to 10 per one time.

Cost of accommodation depends on house quality and area required.



Thanks, are u currently living in hai phong ?

Yes right i am currently living in hai phong, 20 km far from Uong bi

may i ask about  the average amount i need to have decent life in hai phong ? thanks

May be USD 500.00 Depends on living style
If luxury house with food in expensive hotel cost will increase
If stay in cheaper house with self cooking cost will be less

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