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Anyone can advise on International school of desapark city vs St Joseph International School ?

Thank you in advance


Desa Park City usually has waiting lists, so check that out first.

What specific things would you like to know about these two schools? They are extremely different and in very different parts of the city - so it really depends what you are looking for. If you can give a few more details about what you're looking, I'd be happy to help a bit more :)


They have availability for my son :-)


Thank you for your replied. I stay in are damansara , distance wise will be closer to St Joseph. However, distance for me not an issue as the school do provide drop off and pick up service for both school. Why would you think this school its very different ? We relocated from australia, so i am just looking for a good school for my son in term of curriculum and good people and teachers.

Hi again,

Well, both schools are similarly priced (until sixth form, then SJIIS is around 12,000RM per year more in tuition fees) and both primarily employ UK-trained staff. Both secondary schools are small and growing, but St Josephs offers the IB diploma whereas ISP offers A levels. I'm not sure how old your son is, but if he's in high school, these are two extremely different qualifications & one might suit your son far more than the other.
SJII is also a Catholic school, whereas ISP has no religious connection at all. This is one of the ways that the two school cultures are very different.
If possible I would strongly recommend visiting both as you will probably instantly know which one will be the 'best fit' for your son and your family.


I have actually visited the 2 schools. Yes the environment its different thats why i am in dilemma. Both have their pros and cons. My son its only 4 and turning 5 in coming Oct, so he will be in reception. The only thing i like about St joseph its they have mandarin lesson everyday for 30 min. However in Desa park city they only conduct mandarin class once a week for 30 min. My son its chinese mixed spanish and language for us its important. However i found that the teachers in St joseph not approachable. In Desapark they are very friendly and approachable. The kids are more happy, active and good environment in desa park. Whereas the kids in st joseph mostly are spoilt brats, thats the impression i have. So i thought it would be better to gather the opinion from some expats here.

May I know IB Diploma is better or A level ? At the end he will return to Australia to finish his university one day

It sounds like you preferred ISP as a school; if the amount of Mandarin is your only worry, perhaps you could arrange for extra Mandarin lessons/tutoring? It's a great school and all of the parents I know with children there are extremely happy with it. The teachers are fantastic and happy with the school's leadership and management, which also bodes well.

In the IB Diploma, students have to take 6 subjects as well as complete a community service component and study basic philosophy ('Theory of Knowledge' and complete an independent, university-style research project. The curriculum is broad and the workload very demanding.

By contrast, most A Level students only take 3 subjects in their final year (maybe 4 or 5 in Year 12) so it is much more specialised. Academically it is probably equally demanding to the IB, but there are far less subjects to juggle so it is perhaps easier from a time-management/workload perspective.

I've taught in both A Level and IB schools and I would say that the IB is harder due to the sheer amount of work. However, it is excellent preparation for university and gives students a wonderfully broad education.

I'm pretty sure Australian universities would accept either A Levels or IB, so it might just a case of choosing which qualification better suits your son, when the time comes...

Hi Cynthia,
Have you decided on what school? Our 8 yr old goes to "Asia Pacific International School" which is at the end of Subang Airport? Its a nice school with UK Curriculum, but more expensive.


Thank you for your replied. Yes i have enrolled him in St Joseph International located in Tropicana. As for the fees it is not cheap as compare to desa park city approx 48600 p.a

Thank you again

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