Moving to Malta

Hello all (or to anyone reading this)!!!..phil here in uk and moving with my gf hopefully next year.buisy readying the house for sale as I write this (break from new bathroom going in lol)...
I'm a gas engineer and plumber,crane opp now and again along with pipe fitting.i also carry out refurbishments on property etc...
Here's my thing I'm a bit worried about I've applied for jobs from here on line,and hear not a jot back.obviously a heating engineer is in very short supply in malta.i am looking and have the chance of either a welding cert or air con will have loads of air con workers!!
Any help ,advice etc at all would be very very appreciated.....thanks very much

You have more chance of getting a job as air con fitter then gas as there's isn't any gas here!  Perhaps you are trying a bit early for employment if you are not moving out here until next year.  Most people have mentioned on here before that you have more chance of finding work if you are actually here.
If you can repair fridge/freezers we could do with you here as we have been waiting for a week for someone to come out to us!!   A lot also depends on what happens with Brexit when it comes to finding work so probably the sooner you move here the better it may be, as no one knows what may happen.   Good luck.

Hay thanks for mega quick reply...due in oct for a bit of a break there again...I'm self employed so work wise Im happy doing something on my own,or with an employer....never gave white goods repair a thought so thanks very much!!! Also all the other advice thank you,it really is much appreciated...
The last 3 times I've been over I've had a look about for work,with the intent of staying if I found something...see what happens again in oct.
Many thanks again for taking the time to reply,really good of you.
Take care,phil

Hotels here often advertise for in house maintenance men so bear that in mind also. It has the advantage of offering year round employment and guaranteed wages paid. Send them your cv, but as mentioned before, not before you arrive in the country.

Thanks for your reply....I currently look after some commercial and residential property doing just that...I thought bout hotels etc.ive applied like I said but in oct I'll bring my c.v with me and drop them in.never know someone may just be looking to hire!!! Here's hoping lol.
Thanks for that much appreciated

For example if you go to the qawra palace hotel homepage and scroll down to the bottom you will find a link for vacancies, among other jobs available there is one for a full time maintenance person.

If I were you olly olly I wouldn't contemplate  selling your house. If I were you come here and spend a few months here first and weigh up the situation first then you can make a decision

Hi terry and sorry for the late reply...
Yea I hear what your saying and have tried thinking of all different sinarios.over in oct and have a couple of interviews and if anything comes of those will be renting straight away.
Having a bit work on house done in order to sell,but really depends on what work I can get over there.
Everyone on here has been great with their replys and advice so far.thanks for advice and taking the time to message me.
Many thanks phil

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