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Hello sir can u just help me to understand properly what is grace period like is it legal to stay after grace period gets over. My visa status shows that I m in grace period .I ve two years of contract but I 've to go home after 1 year only becoz of some personal problems. So before how many days I have to cancel my visa n how long will I be allowed to stay after grace period gets over.My bus will expire in this August 27th.


sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation, but if your visa is in grace period that may mean that your visa had already been cancelled by your employer and according to LMRA website you have 30 days to exit the country, if you over stay then daily fines may be applied.
Note: If your planning to come back in the future this may be a black mark so try not to overstay.

***Upon the expiry of your Work permit you have a 30 day grace period to either find a new employer or to leave the country, you may not take up any interim job during this period.

god bless.


Hello,  thank u very much gor ur reply ..plz help me again becoz I don't know when did my employer cancelled my visa .yesterday only I talked wid the hr.but he didnot tell me any thing as such. So I don't know when will my grace period will get over.Is there any way so that I can check how many days I  've in my hand.

Kindly contact LMRA and explain them about the situation and i am sure they will be able to help you


Thank u sir

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