Want to marry my phillipino girlfrnd

Hello Forum,
Iam maneesh..Iam from India..I like a girl,She lives in Philippines..We met online and she wants to marry me..even i want to marry her.... I just want to know how can i marry her ?? After marriage i want to take her in India...Please help me or guide me please...I need some guidance.


You haven't even met her and you want to marry her????

Yes i havent met her..She wants to come in December this year....

could you suggest me something ???

Hi Maneesh,

Good day!

I guess you need to meet her first and get know more about her in person.

Then if you think she is being nice and  good one for you, then that time you can decide in taking her to your home country.


Thanks a ton..for your valuable reply..and surely i will meet her first and then i will decide,and pls tell me if i want to go furhur... So are fillipino girls ok to marry and are they relaible ?? Iam sorry i dont want to hurt any of feelings


My answer is Filipina have different attitudes, But I wish  good luck for both of you.

And the future will bind you and her as a happy couple.

Best regards,

different attitude as in ??

It's illegal to get divorced in the Philippines. You might want to REALLY get to know her before you decide to marry her. She could be a visa scammer for all you know.

She is not married yet..but yes,i call her to come here in india...And thank you a ton for help...I want to make sure she is genuine.
other thing if you can tell me.. to identify if she is good ??

Hard telling. If she is a visa scammer she is probably also an Academy award level actress.

Maneesh86,recently a friend went through all the trouble of getting all the necessary documents to Marry a Filipina in Cebu. From the very day he left to return home,she gave a lot of problems. He finds out she was engaged to a man in the USA and now wants an Annulment. That can take several years and cost up to 300 000 Peso. In his country they allow Divorce,yet says he cant as not married there. He obviously now regrets getting Married there.
So Please do your self a favour and get to know this Filipina. If she is on facebook,ask her for her Password to look at her messages. Thats how my friend found out,what his wife was up to.
My advice to you is to find a Lady in your country,as there plenty there and of same Culture.

Good luck getting her password hehehe   :cool:

If you can afford to live there in the Philippines with her for 3 years before marriage do so then marry her, if not forget it.

Step back and have a look at what you are planning, it is a little  crazy.

A LITTLE crazy???? hehehe

In another forum a Filipina did the marriage visa scam thing and then tried to kill her foreigner husband in his sleep 3 days later. Now she is doing it again with a different name. Good are going to need a lot of it.

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