Sending a Package to Brazil

Hi I was wondering if someone can tell me about receiving a package in Rio from the  US.  I am moving there and the items that I cannot take on the plane (TSA agents are notorious for stealing anything of value from checked baggage.  I have horror stories).  I realize it could take 4 months to receive my package in Brazil but will my items be still in the box or will they be stolen as well?  Is there any safe alternative?  Should I have my belongings shipped to another part of Brazil?  Are there any courier services that do door to door service?  Please advise.

Anything you ship will go through customs at a point of entry which could be Rio.  If you use FEDEX or someone similar it will be much safer than mail.


I would suggest FedEx (or some other courier) as well. I once received a document via FedEx from the U.S. and a few months later, I received a notice saying that I needed to pay taxes on my packageㅡyes, on my document.   :nothappy:  So, whatever you have shipped, make sure your items are properly labeled on the courier slip and be prepared to pay taxes if you're unlucky.

I've had very good experiences using DHL. I live in Abadiania, a small town about 90 minutes drive from Brasilia. DHL manages the package all the way to Brasilia and then drops it off with a local courier service, who then personally delivers it to me (signature required) at my home in Abadiania.

Thanks for your reply!  I do most of my shopping online and now I have a way to be certain that I receive my shipments. It's more than disappointing to pay for something and not receive it.

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