Visas, Civil Unions and naturalisation???

Hi all, my name is Em and I'm currently in Cambodia but looking for kind of complicated information.

I live here with my partner and 2 kids and we're looking into moving permanently to Malta in the next year or two.

Here's the catch: As a UK citizen I don't have issues with visas/residence etc, however my partner and kids who are Cambodian would like to eventually gain citizenship by naturalisation. Of course they will need residence first. So I have 3 main questions:

1. Is it really as easy to get visas and then residence in Malta for non-EU citizens? I read on numerous websites that you can come into Malta on a tourist visa and then apply for residence while you're there. However in a couple of places the info is different. I'm hoping someone can clarify this so I have the right info. And when residence is gained, does it allow ease of travel within the Schengen zone to non-EU citizens or does that rely solely on their actual citizenship?

2. Has anyone formed a civil union with a non-EU citizen in Malta? Again, many sites seem to say this is very easy but I'm not 100% sure. In Cambodia, same-sex relationships are not recognised so we would like to form a civil union abroad.

3. Does anyone have experience as a non-EU citizen gaining citizenship by naturalisation? I know that you must be a resident for minimum of 5 years, but are we going to get that far only to find that it's not possible after all?

Sorry for such a long post and so many questions. I'd appreciate if you can give any relevant information whatsoever on any of my questions.


If you are looking to move in a year or two it will be post Brexit and all your EU rights will be gone.

No one knows yet what will then be the process or rules or what agreements will be made.

Not personally aware of all the same sex laws - but they are on the leading edge of same sex couple rights you can get married just like anyone else. Civil unions have been here for a while. This current govnment is creating full marriage equality.

You can more or less forget about naturalisation unless you have a spare 800 000 euro. Since they sell it they don't give it away anymore.

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