Ghana Card and Passport costs

I have a friend living in Accra who lost both her ID and passport at the airport when returning from the US to Ghana. What are the cost to replace both items? Thanks in advance.

You failed to mention whether the passport was Republic of Ghana or United States of America. If the passport was American, she could be in some trouble getting a replacement, as documentation for the replacement is the same as for the original; certified birth certificates are hard to come by when you're outside the United States. As for the cost in dollars or Ghana Cedis, it's not that great.

Is she Ghanaian or American? A non-citizen replacement ID  is about $60, it is not necessary for Ghanaians to have an ID. A replacement Ghanaian passport is less than $50

In my experience when a person in Ghana starts asking for money then there is the possibility that the friendship is a scam. Be very careful sending money, as once you start you will eventually find that you have invested thousands for nothing

Thanks for the very helpful information. She is Ghanaian though born in the UK.

I have another question about phone service there. There are many services offered for international calling and what they call 'top ups'. In my case using the MTN network. I've used Rebtel, and more recently Ding apps to make calls with other people I know there. But I've also been asked on occasion to send money directly to 'recharge' a phone v. using either services. the 2 services mention are relatively cheap to use. Are both correct though?

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