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My name is Patricia Armstrong and I retired and moved to Mexico City last September. I love everything about Mexico City...the people, the food, the weather, and all the wonderful museums and parks! Unfortunately, the promise of quickly learning Spanish via immersion has not worked for me.

I would be interested in meeting other English speakers for coffe, lunch or museum hopping:)


Hi Pat,

Spanish is not the easy language we were lead to believe. There are many variables , different dialects, and much of what we were taught in school does not hold up in real life. Duolingo, which is a free app, might be most helpful for practice, and for you to get a basic feel for the language. It takes a lot of time and practice. To be honest, the more Spanish an much less English practice the better,

I do understand you desire to just speak as you always have. Today it would have been so nice to just speak, I'm currently on the road and at this, the first of three hotels
I was tired and it was a struggle to keep up Spanish communication.I'm starting my 6th year living here. So if I still struggle , don't expect perfection, it's work and memorization every day until some things begin to come quickly to your tongue.

There are, or were others in Mexico. The natives just call it Mexico. One may see your post. If not, right away you could look through previous posts, where people have talked about living there.

Buena Suete

Thank you so much for the encouragement! I have and continue to use Duolingo but it is frustrating to have that the repeated " sorry, that didn't sound right" and then the "we'll try that again later" responses to my butchered pronunciation:( I am so lucky the Mexican people are so friendly and helpful..they work with my gestures and single words:)

Hope you are able to have wonderful experiences on your travels!


Memrise also a free app. Warren Hardy books , tapes , classes also. Don't give up, you are ahead by just starting!

THANKS FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT AND ESPECIALLY THANKS FOR THE REFERENCE TO MEMRISE:) I just took a quick look and I am very excited about this very different approach to learning Spanish!!!
Bien dia:)

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