Mellinial retirement abroad

Hello - I'm currently 37, live in FL. I am down to Panama, Belize or Costa Rica as my choices to retire to in 2018. I am trying to find the best place that would be good for a mellinial retirement. It seems most programs for expat retirees don't help me at my age.

So I look at facing the following:

- not being free of import taxes due not qualifying for certain programs
- not getting discounts / benefits (Panama program sounds great!)
- don't have a pension but have funds that exceed the minimum
- trying to find a place that will grow with me as my interests surely will change
- still interested in quality healthcare for some time to come
- also seeking English language countries or good size pockets of speakers

Are there ways to get around some of these obstacles? Is one place better than another if I can't get these program benefits?

Why would you pick these or any other 'specific' country rather than travel the world if you can afford it and young enough to enjoy the  adventures that will certainly come your way...and them make a decision at a later date?

Have you previously traveled out of the USA?

We traveled extensively, over many years before deciding on Cost Rica. We love it here, but it isn't perfect...but realize that you are selling yourself short, by limiting your options.

Visit for 90 days then visit both neighboring countries and then further afield. Enjoy yourself while you can...

It is said that between 50-60% of those who move here return 'home' within 2-3 years for a variety of reasons.

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