Employment Pass Advice Needed

Hi, You can call me Dee. I currently live in one of Asian countries. I recently got a job offer in Singapore from one of an MNC company. My EP was applied through a well known international law firm that specializes on Employment Pass/Visas.
1. What are the chances of my EP getting approved
with the below info:
Position: Senior QA , Full Time
Salary: ~S$7,000
Experience: 5 years in the same field as position
Degree: BS Comp Engineering
2. I know there is a rule that the employer should have posted the job on jobbanks.sg for 14 days the minimum. However, I checked jobsbank and saw that the job was posted last July 31 (EP was filed Aug 1). This position has been on other job posting sites for more than 2 months now so I am not really sure if the employer posted it but then expired and forgot to repost immediately.

With the above information, what are my chances of getting approval/rejection?

Thanks in advance!


Firstly, congrats for the job offer. To get approval of your EP believe the employer must have applied (MOM doesn't accept application form a third party, other than the employer who is going to recruit you). So, I don't think any XYZ law firm has authority to apply EP on behalf of an employer for you unless they are the employer.

Chances of getting EP approval depends on MoM as it considers each application case by case. As per the local rule, before hiring a foreigner an employer must have to post the job ad for local employees in job bank for at least 14 calendar days. Now a days it takes longer to see the result of your application, so have patience. Good luck

Hi. Thank you for the prompt response. The firm that filed my EP was authorized by the employer to file the EP on their behalf. I am not sure what's the deal between them but seems that they were hired by the employer to do that.
I am just really worried about the job posting that wasn't posted for 14 calendar days. I hope everything goes well and to have a favorable result next week.

As I said very clearly that there is no such provision in place where an employer can give their authority to anyone to apply a pass on behalf of an employer. Only the processing part can be outsourced to any third party agent. In your case, employer must have applied online for you and once applied online, they can outsourced the paper work like submit your documents and collect your EP card upon approval etc.

Posting in job bank, I'm sure your employer should be aware and they must have published there for at least 14 days. Good luck

Surya: I have heard of similar arrangements where a company engages a third party service provider to apply for work passes. Whether that means the provider does only the paperwork or also the actual application (e.g. by accessing the employer's EPOnline account) doesn't really matter for the job seeker.
But it must be clear that the service provider is fully paid for by the employer and no fee is charged from the job seeker, as that would be illegal.

To the OP: Your pay and job grade seem in line with your background (you may check MoM's online SAT tool to confirm this), but there are many other factors considered in the process, some of them you have no control about. So just wait for the outcome!

Yes Beppi, in my previous employer (a TOP global bank) too hired similar work with a third party service provider who does all the work once HR create an ID in MoM website then that ID pass to the service provider who does rest including uploading my documents then visit MoM office to submit original papers. But the initiation starts from the HR. I will check further if MoM now give access to the service provider to log in on behalf of employer or not. If MoM does then it's a great user friendly initiative taken at MoM. Thanks

Hi Surya/Beppi,

Thank you both for the info. I will just wait for the outcome and update this thread once I got the result. Hoping for a favorable news. Cheers!

No worries, have patience and hope you will receive a positive response from MoM soon.

Hi everyone,
To update this threa, my EP got approval this afternoon. 7 working days in totdal minus the Aug 9 holiday.

Thank you!!!

Congrats... happy days r ahead.. cheers

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