Do you know the difference between a Mandoline and a Mandolin?

I didn't until this afternoon when I read a thread in a different cooking forum.

If you'd have asked me I'd have said an olde world stringed instrument, which would have been partly correct (Mandolin) - but what I didn't know was that there is a French cooking instrument called a Mandoline!! (with the added 'e').

Now, having established that there is a chef's device called a Mandoline - if you'd have asked me to describe what it looks like I would have been equally in the dark.

However, when I saw a picture of a Mandoline I was, like, "I know what that is!!! (but never knew it was called a Mandoline!!!)"

So - do you know what a Mandoline is and looks like? :D

There's also a fruit and a biscuit with a similar name. :)

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