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avoid driver by name of xxx xxx, i used him he quoted me price of 350 pesos from metro bus station to hotel in santo domingo este but charged me 1500  pesos. he is a crook

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Is that a common practice down there ?....I'll be arriving there on the 29 on this month at the santo Domingo this a isolated case or sadly the norm....thanks in advance

sadly this is not first time, i wont say norm but happens enough, us gringos are fair game for many

Without getting into how sad it is that people will bite off the hand that feeds them...are there ways to avoid it...

You take your chances, sometimes if you stand up to them they will back down.  The problem is if you are alone with the person demanding the money, it's extortion but you may have no defense but yourself.  In a public place with people around, demand justice and refuse to pay.  I've seen it happen on a public bus, price for transportation, 35 pesos but they demanded 500 pesos and told the person to get off the bus in the middle of no where.  Best line of defense, travel with people you know when possible and pay a little extra for your safety.  Cheap is not always the best solution.

Always note drivers name, ask for card when you negotiate the price. He will then know you have i fo to report him. You went to a hotel, get concierge or door fellow immediately.

Be careful when travelling alone. This happens and it shouldnt!

deleating name only helps that driver cheat people, guess you dont care if expats are cheated

Uber is now in the DR. I used them yesterday in Santiago. I am sure they are operational as well in Santo Domingo, The best way to get around with no worries about getting gringoed.

Does anyone know if Uber will be coming to Punta Cana? I always think the taxi drivers here are overcharging.  Example: quoted 1000 pesos for a ride and then got him down to 700 (still might have been too much but how do you know)? PLEASE BRING UBER TO PC!

Taxis are unionized. They have posted rates depending where you catch your taxi.

Always ask up front.

I am sure Uber will show up in punta cana. But they are unlikely to be able to pick you up in hotels.  Taxis charge way more money - and it is posted - inside tourism zones.  Taxis pay for the right to operate in specific areas. They are "concessions" and are sold inside their unions. They are very powerful groups and do throw their weight around.

Uber in  Santo Domingo provides really good service.

Thanks Planner,

We staying in a condo in PC (Bavaro). I haven't seen any posted charges and no one in our office mentioned posted rates. Is there online I can find out what I should be charged for trips within certain "zones"?

No idea online but often they are posted in  tourist areas or things like bus stations.

Thanks. Have been walking to lots of shops and restaurants but haven't seen anything yet. I'll start looking closer.

Hello Jgolak: My wife and I live in the Bavaro area and lived here for the past 2 and half years but are in Canada right now and are here till the end of Sept. we don't take the cabs in Bavaro to often in the area as we own car here but if you go to the San Juan shopping area they have signs posted out side where the taxi drivers sit with signs on the prices to different resorts and you just have to know what resort is closest to you for a price. You can also find independent cabbies for lower price across the street at the Coco Loco bar. We would take the bus to the mall to do our groceries for 40 peso's the find the cabbie across the street from the mall with all the groceries for 500 pesos to take us back to Bavaro much cheaper than the ones at the mall just make sure you work out the price before you get in the cab and if we can do anything to help you out just get a hold of me and ask away.

Thanks Rigger!

Rigger good post and great way to "get a cab"

Bob K

Is it standard practice to also tip the taxi drivers here? I've always tipped but now am wondering as most of the rates seem very inflated.


Dont tip unless its both a very good rate and they help unload groceries or suitcases. They are almost all owner operated here.

I only tip for extra services.

Bob K

Thanks! Once again you guys are the best. We're starting to learn more and more about the DR!!

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