What Countries / Places are Sunny in the Costa Rican Rainy Season?

I'm a big fan of living in in the tropics in a place with consistent all day (or almost all day) sun.

But in the Rainy season in Costa Rica, it is difficult for me to find a consistently sunny all day place.

A lot of you guys are world travelers with lots of stamps in your passport.  What countries or places would you recommend for good all day sun, in the tropics between May and November?

Obviously the overall goodness of the place (few mosquitoes, resonably safe etc.) are important too.

my english is not perfect but i hope you can understand me. good weather beautiful beaches and food . you need visit flamingo in guanacaste . my experiencie there was amazing and i hope return in future again.
pura vida !!!

Buenas Tardes,here in Guanacaste the weather is drier and hotter than the rest of Costa Rica.The rainy season starts later,and ends sooner.You are not going to find that all day  Sun this time of year.For example,this morning was beautiful,windless,and warm about 78f.Right now it's 3:28 pm and pouring rain,and 83f.I'm inside the house writing this post becuse,well it's raining outside.Before long it will clear up,the ocean will glass off in time for an evening surf.This is Guanacaste's wet season up until December. Tuanis...

yeah the weather in guanacaste is very good almost all the time . i only remember november 2016 was the huracan in thanksgiving   celebration .thanks god we finished buffet when  weather turn windy and raining more and more strong. all that night was dificult sleep . next day i saw many trees down and some people living in cantones died . 2 days after sunny again.

Some of the places like Tamarindo beach and the flamingo beach still has a good plesant weather. Take a catamaran tour like morning catamaran and sunset catamaran tours while at playa flamingo costa rica. Private charters are also good to hire! Its safe from weather calamities as well..

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