Self declaration for CRS

I live in Belgium from November 2015. I opened a bank account and they asked me to fill self declaration for CRS.
In that it asks to list all the fiscal reisdencies- Country of residence for tax purpose. I dont know what to fill in it.
As per Belgium special taxation regime I pay Belgian tax only on income related to professional duties carried out in Belgium and claim Non resident tax status in Belgium. As per Indian regulations, I am out of India for more than 182 days in a year and I am Non resident.
So what should I fill in that form. Does anyone have experience with self declaration for CRS?

Hi there AnilM
We had to fill in our tax numbers from South Africa as well as our last address on our CRS and they accepted it and opened our bank account. We used ING as they have an Expat branch specializing in expats coming to Belgium.
Good luck

thank for the response

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