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I left Ukraine on 13th May 2017 having entered on a no visa 90 day stay.
I overstayed by 2 weeks.
I left from Borispol and told the immigration officer at the booth that I had overstayed expecting some kerfufle and a fine.
Nothing happened, he studied my passport and stamped the exit and waved me off.

I read the rules just now and it says that if the officer dealing with an entry to the country sees an overstay he will refuse entry.
Does anybody know what might happen if I try to reenter in month or so?

If you were not assessed a fine nor received any type of overstay stamp in your passport, you should be fine.  Don't push your luck by overstaying again though.

As romaniac says you should be fine to return, you did not recieve a fine or a stamp probably because you only overstayed a couple of weeks had it been longer things might have been different, I doubt he put anything on his computer but it is a possiblity, as you probably know you cannot return for another 90 days. Again as romaniac said just be more careful and do not overstay again.

Thank you very much for the replies guys.

Hi, you should be fine. All useful information you have to receive during the exit. In case you did not receive any notification like - we recommend not to enter in the nearest 3 months :) you will be able to return back.

Right I will wait the 3 months, thanks  :cheers:

Ok can any one clarifey The Rulling of 90 days in and 180 days Out of Ukraine
As i am Getting mixes up sum wear I see it as 180 days can stay inthat Time 90 days
there for in 1 year allowence of 180 days in Ukraine

If you are in Ukraine or entering Ukraine at a border/airport count back 180 days, you can be in Ukraine for 90 of them. Forget about the 1 year part.

ppeett :

If you are in Ukraine or entering Ukraine at a border/airport count back 180 days, you can be in Ukraine for 90 of them. Forget about the 1 year part.

Sorry confussed at boarder or airport count back 180 days
surley counting forwards?

No its backwards. But if you have never been to Ukraine you can stay for 90 days straight.

Ok 90 days allowed But how long Before next 90 day allowed to Start
As we have Tryed and Failed 2 times for UK Marrige Visa intending to take next step forward in Full Visa for UK
But keep paying out for Visa is getting excepencive last 2 cost ok the amount to loss is OK but next Vias 1,800 pounds if Fails then a Lot of Money Lost
Trying to Have a Life with GF After 2 years seams to be getting Harder and my health is not Good
Trying to  get Married even confusion Should my Docements be Translated in UK ?

If you want to stay another 90 days (or any length of time <90 days) you have to wait 90 days.
You are not married and you want to marry in Ukraine?

Yes we intend to do so as soon as possible but until it's  clear on weather I have to my Documents Translated in UK or in Ukraine as there's confusion in wat I am  Reading the Ukraine Embassy is not Clear
There's no problem getting documents translated in Kiev as my GF use one offten 2 4 days

What documents are you referring to?
Passport must be done in Ukraine as the translation will have to show the entry stamp of that visit which obviously will not exist until you enter Ukraine to marry.
I didnt declare 2 previous marriages so did not get involved in all the nonsense about getting divorce documents translated notarised apostilled.
You will need to have at the wedding somebody who can translate from Ukrainian to your native language, it cannot be the bride. They will tell you what you are getting into and translate a small document that you sign saying that you are not married and not drunk and not under the influence of any narcotics.
You do this and then go back about 2 weeks later to get the certificate.

To marwood47
Each ZAGS office "interpret " the rules "their way".
I got my birth certificate & divorce cert. apostille must be done in Uk, you'll find the address & details on the website Gov.uk
You send them to goverment office in Croydon (I think) by post pay your 30 quid fee for each doc and they send them back to you in about 10 days or less.
When you arrive in Ukraine, you and your fiancee go to the local ZAGS office  (Registry office for weddings), the woman there will tell you her "prefferred translator" go and get the docs and your passport translated & notorised, Go back to ZAGS, fill out the paperwork, go to the bank pay the fee, set your date usaully they want you to wait 30 days. turn up get married. Go back to Zags a few days later to get your Marriage certificate.
If your going to use it for a visa app for your wife to the UK - then it needs a stamp on the back from some dept in Kyiv, then translated & notarised.
Sounds complex but it's really quite simple,
2 peices of advice
1 get all your docs ready and double check them.
2 do everything ZAGS ask and don't get shirty with them - they have the power to make life difficult.

Did it all 3 years ago ,


I have been staying in Ukraine under the tourist 90 day rule, and have been going   from Ukraine and into Poland and back routinely.   This last time, apparently the  new computer program notified the passport control of the accumulation  of over 90 days with in the 180 day period.  I  was told I have to wait 3 months before I can come back.    I would appreciate any information regarding retirng in  Ukraine.  So far I have not seen a discussion on the retiring question.  Thank you in advance.

you make it sound so easy,all keeping are brick walls? you live near Kharkiv?

No not there.
It was easy

If you have a lot of entries, you may get away with it, But if you enter within a month you will be braking the 90/180 rule. and may get a 3 year ban. It all depends on what is in your passport, time of day and if there in a good mood. But in short. if you intend to try for long term visa . DONT as you will get a ban. you need to stay out for 3 months know to be safe but if a ban is not a problem then try. But be it on your own head.

I am retiring in the Ukraine. its pretty easy buy you need to stick to the rules. other wise you will get a ban. Their new program is pretty good, no matter how you come and go. An American near me thought he was smart, been there for 2 years, had an accident, had to produce his passport, Got free bed and breakfast, for a week, got a free ticket back to the states, and a 5 year ban, or pay 100.000k in dollars and apply for residency.
In short he disrespected the rules, and is know paying for it

Thanks for your response,  I was out  for the 3 months and am back to planning my retirement in Ukraine.  Glad to see it might be an easy process as you suggest,  Do I just show up at the OVIR and ask them or would you make a suggestion before I do that?

if you have your Visa D. Then yes just turn up with all your documents. Depending where you are in Ukraine (as local rules have different manner of doing things) you will have them checked and they will send you to another office which will put your documents in a folder and take a small payment from you. then after a few hours you go back to Ovir and they will take your passport from you and give you a date to collect your internal id card. this information is very general. if you wish detailed information i would need information from you.
good Luke.


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